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My name is Maida Vugdalic and I’m passionate and experienced interpreter, translator and language teacher based in Sydney, Australia. I hold NATTI level 3 certification for Interpreting in Bosnian and Croatian Language, level 2 certification in translating from English to Bosnian. I’m certified Justice of Peace, and have more than 25 years experience in any of these fields.




Court attendance, both judicial & administrative

Medical and rehabilitation consultations

Business meetings, conference and media services

Commercial investigations


Medical and legal documentations

Technical manual and proposals

Personal certificates and documents

Commercial and community brochures


Language School

Maya Language Service provide Bosnian learning online classes for any age from beginners to advanced classes.  We are very experienced and do have wide knowledge as showing success with students who stay motivated and interested during all process showing significant progress and results. In near future we will start building Bosnian language courses database, and in that way you will have opportunity to study by yourself as well as having one to one classes.


More than 25 years of experience and cultural knowledge of , guarantee is that you will have best possible service when you come Maya Language Service. You will have peace of mind, knowing with NATTI certified translator and interpreter. And for Bosnian Language School, you will be happy to know that I’m language teacher for nearly 30 years, and some of those years are in Bosnia and some in Australia. 

why not go to agency

Small is new big, and this way from start to finish, whatever our connection is, you will deal only with one person, avoid explaining your problem to many times, once is plenty. Avoid unecessery costs and headache, I will look after you.

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Interpreting Translating Bosnian School

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Mobile (+61) 0415 385 668

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